Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn Box Kit HEALING
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn Box Kit HEALING
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit
Adore Adorn "Healing" Box Kit


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"Can what we wear change our mood?"

Our Healing Kits are a metaphysical toolkit to help one operate between mind and matter. Each kit contains powerful natural gemstone jewelry with motivational mantras, energy crystals, and manifestation rituals written to unlock healing properties for your heart and soul.

Healing “Know Your History”

Sometimes looking back can be hard, but when we neglect our past experiences they continue to exist in our blindspots and unknowingly affect the present and the future. Don't be afraid to face your history, face those moments and heal. Live to your true potential. We can't always rewrite the past, but the future isn't yet written. 
“powerful crystals have the
ability to enhance and
activate the mind’s emotional
and intellectual ability”

Heart Movement Kit Contents:
1. Natural Gemstone Jewelry - designed with thought and heart
2. Manifestation Card - connect with our mantras through our affirmations
3. Natural Crystals - selected for alignment with mantras
4. Written Note - write a message to yourself that guides your journey
5. Mantra Postcard - visualize the message for your journey

Crystal Healing Benefits:
Protect Your Energy
*subject to availability*
- Agate: Courage + Strength
- Smokey Quartz: Take Action + Clearing
- Citrine: Good Energy + Set Goals 
- Clear Quartz: Manifestation + Amplification
- Jasper: Good Earth Energy _ Grounding

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