Adore Adorn Necklace 16.5" Heart Movement Necklace + Brown Mother of Pearl + Silver

Heart Movement Necklace + Silver + Brown Mother of Pearl

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Imagine a world that believes in more than just acquiring items, but thoughtfully considers the why and the how. The natural citrine gemstones offer healing benefits that leave you spiritually aligned when worked alongside our mantras and affirmations.

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The Heart Movement Promise:

1. Sustainably Sourced Materials 
2. Fair Laborers (Our manufacturers are our friends)
3. Handmade through the traditional casting process
4. Guaranteed Fair Pricing
5. We will donate 15% of sales to children in displaced communities


Metal: 925 Silver, Rhodium Plated

Gemstones: Brown Mother of Pearl 

Chain: 16.5" with extender and clasp closer

Weight: 10g

Brown Mother of Pearl Benefits: Manifest Prosperity

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